Project Description Owner Last Change
bropo.git Anomaly (non-precipitation... Anders Henja 2 days ago
brack.git Anomaly detection and removal... Markus Peura 7 years ago
bbufr.git BALTRAD interface to EUMETNET... Anders Henja 14 months ago
baltrad-wms.git Baltrad WMS package Tuomas Peltonen 13 days ago
baltrad-wrwp.git Baltrad weather radar wind... Anders Henja 10 months ago
baltrad-config.git Configuration scripts Anders Henja 2 months ago
GoogleMapsPlugin.git Creates PNG images for use... Anders Henja 9 months ago
OdimH5.git Data injector using ODIM_H5... Maciej Szewczykowski 3 years ago
baltrad-db.git Database manager subsystem Sander Ernes 6 months ago
beamb.git Determination of, and correcti... Anders Henja 3 days ago
BaltradDex.git Distribution and Exchange... Maciej Szewczykowski 6 months ago
baltrad-topdocs.git Documentation Daniel Michelson 5 days ago
node-installer.git Installation wizard Anders Henja 3 hours ago
rave-py3.git Intermediate project used... Anders Henja 4 days ago
rave.git Product generation framework... Anders Henja 6 weeks ago
hlhdf.git SMHI's high-level C and Python... Anders Henja 6 months ago
beast.git Task manager/scheduler subsystem Anders Henja 8 months ago
jrat.git java tools Lukasz Wojtas 5 years ago