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last changeWed, 5 Jun 2019 13:21:59 +0000 (15:21 +0200)
2019-06-05 Anders HenjaUpdate master
2019-02-07 Anders HenjaChanged how python executable is determined 1.0.0
2019-01-17 Anders HenjaChanged how user/group is handled at init
2018-12-05 Anders HenjaFixed dex_uri bug
2018-11-08 Anders HenjaAdded creation of bltnode-keys when creating keys
2018-11-08 Anders HenjaBetter way to identify currently running user
2018-11-08 Anders HenjaAdded comment hash for dbfile
2018-11-08 Anders HenjaChanged default location for to be...
2018-10-12 Anders HenjaAdded possibility to disable rave-config. Also updated...
2018-09-27 Anders HenjaChanged default mode of file generated by init
2018-09-27 Anders HenjaRemoved tomcat user from configuration
2018-09-19 Anders HenjaFixed setting rave.ctpath
2018-09-10 Anders HenjaFixed rave logid bug
2018-08-28 Anders HenjaChanged from tomcat8 to tomcat7 to be compatible with...
2018-08-27 Anders HenjaUpdated init to warn if neither --create-config or...
2018-07-05 Anders HenjaAdded option to create config file or not
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