2019-01-25 Anders HenjaTicket 766: Merge attribute_values and nodes tables... master upstream jenkins-baltrad-db-427
2018-12-17 Mats VernerssonTicket 733: Modify to work with python3 jenkins-baltrad-db-426
2018-11-29 Anders HenjaUpdated bdbserver start script jenkins-baltrad-db-425
2018-09-27 Anders HenjaChanged bdbservers default user/group to be baltrad jenkins-baltrad-db-424
2018-08-30 Anders HenjaAdded bdbserver script to be added to /etc/init.d jenkins-baltrad-db-423
2018-06-28 Mats VernerssonTicket 749: Handling non-unique identifiers in /what... jenkins-baltrad-db-422
2018-06-26 Mats VernerssonTicket 748: Handling of incomplete /what/source key... jenkins-baltrad-db-421
2018-06-14 Anders HenjaReverted accidental changes to dependency versions jenkins-baltrad-db-420
2018-06-13 Anders HenjaPatched to be buildable on current build server jenkins-baltrad-db-418 jenkins-baltrad-db-419
2018-06-11 Anders HenjaUpdated setuptools version jenkins-baltrad-db-417
2018-04-02 Anders HenjaTicket 733: Fixed some more encoding things jenkins-baltrad-db-415
2018-03-29 Anders HenjaTicket 733: Updated to run nosetests... jenkins-baltrad-db-414
2018-03-28 Anders HenjaTicket 733: Updated python client to work with python3 jenkins-baltrad-db-413
2018-03-28 Anders HenjaTicket 733: Updated bdb server to work with python3 jenkins-baltrad-db-412
2018-03-11 Anders HenjaMerge branch 'master' of jenkins-baltrad-db-411
2018-03-11 Anders HenjaTicket 733: Modify to work with python3
2018-02-28 Mats VernerssonTicket 717: Max-age-limit in composite rules jenkins-baltrad-db-410
2018-02-21 Anders HenjaUpdated so that it builds on buildserver jenkins-baltrad-db-409
2018-02-08 Anders HenjaFixing build problems jenkins-baltrad-db-408
2018-02-08 Anders HenjaTicket 718: Update to use newer version of virtualenv
2017-03-20 Mats VernerssonTicket 692: Syslog output from bdb-server jenkins-baltrad-db-406
2017-01-27 Mats VernerssonTicket 666: Decrease execution time of composite rules... jenkins-baltrad-db-405
2017-01-12 Anders HenjaMerge branch 'master' of jenkins-baltrad-db-404
2017-01-12 Anders HenjaTicket 673: Migrate from DB to FS storage
2016-12-16 Mats VernerssonReverting fix for Ticket 666. jenkins-baltrad-db-403
2016-12-13 Mats VernerssonTicket 666: Decrease execution time of composite rules...
2016-11-29 Mats VernerssonTicket 664: Not possible to create two products only... jenkins-baltrad-db-401
2016-08-23 Anders HenjaTicket 625: Problem installing with newer version of... jenkins-baltrad-db-400
2016-06-30 Mats VernerssonTicket 617: Running vacuumlo on database removes los... jenkins-baltrad-db-399
2016-05-31 Anders HenjaMerge branch 'master' of jenkins-baltrad-db-398
2016-05-30 Mats VernerssonTicket 604: Database exception when two equal files... jenkins-baltrad-db-397
2016-05-30 Anders HenjaTicket 601: Upgrade to use later version of setuptools andersFeatureBranch
2016-04-28 Mats VernerssonTicket 589: Baltrad-db log does not contain timestamps jenkins-baltrad-db-396
2016-03-31 Mats VernerssonTicket 571: Add debug logs to help troubleshooting... jenkins-baltrad-db-395
2016-03-09 Anders HenjaTicket 562: Add possibility to get all metadata from... jenkins-baltrad-db-394
2016-03-04 Anders HenjaTicket 557: Feature request: Wildcard in filter strings jenkins-baltrad-db-393
2016-02-17 Anders HenjaTicket 551: Frequent exception in java client api jenkins-baltrad-db-392
2015-12-14 Anders HenjaTicket 527: Node start issues due to existing pid-file jenkins-baltrad-db-391
2015-12-04 Anders HenjaTicket 520: Add possibility to retrieve information... jenkins-baltrad-db-390
2015-12-03 Anders HenjaTicket 519: Add source information so that it is possib... jenkins-baltrad-db-389
2015-11-18 Anders HenjaTicket 506: Can not inject data If source contains... jenkins-baltrad-db-388
2014-10-07 Anders HenjaTicket 416: FileCache might become inconsistant jenkins-baltrad-db-387
2014-05-13 Anders HenjaTicket 195: In field Name template not works {/_bdb... jenkins-baltrad-db-386
2014-05-06 Anders HenjaTicket 382: Change rest database client to be configura... jenkins-baltrad-db-385
2014-04-30 Anders HenjaTicket 379: Add removeFilesByAge jenkins-baltrad-db-384
2014-04-29 Anders HenjaTicket 378: Add possibility to remove several files... jenkins-baltrad-db-383
2014-04-29 Anders HenjaTicket 376: Add possibility to count number of files... jenkins-baltrad-db-382
2014-04-28 Anders HenjaTicket 371: Limit reached on autogenerated ids jenkins-baltrad-db-381
2014-02-26 Anders HenjaTicket 335: Distribution route in beast stops working... jenkins-baltrad-db-380
2014-01-23 Anders HenjaAdding calls to close on some input streams with the... jenkins-baltrad-db-379
2013-10-24 Anders HenjaTicket 238: Request: resetting bdb-server after an... jenkins-baltrad-db-378
2012-05-31 Anders HenjaTicket 45: server: serve more efficiently jenkins-baltrad-db-377
2012-05-30 Anders HenjaCould not separate where/nodata and what/nodata when... jenkins-baltrad-db-376
2012-05-30 Anders HenjaTicket 9: allow specifying more than two node levels... jenkins-baltrad-db-375
2012-04-25 Anders HenjaTicket 18: enable configuring logging for bdb-server jenkins-baltrad-db-374
2012-04-10 Anders HenjaTicket 79: Add integration tests for python-client... jenkins-baltrad-db-373
2012-04-10 Anders HenjaTicket 78: python client api update source not working jenkins-baltrad-db-372
2012-04-09 Anders HenjaTicket 301: Update & Add Source not working properly jenkins-baltrad-db-371
2012-04-03 Anders HenjaTicket 42: java-client: deprecate source management... jenkins-baltrad-db-370
2012-03-30 Anders HenjaTicket 56: what/source:PLC identifier invalid when... jenkins-baltrad-db-369
2012-03-29 Anders HenjaTicket 57: Request to introduce q.setDistinct() functio... jenkins-baltrad-db-368
2012-03-19 Anders HenjaTicket 948: FileCache does not seem to remove files... jenkins-baltrad-db-367
2012-02-22 Sander ErnesTicket 916: server: enable storing/retrieving filters hudson-baltrad-db-366-SUCCESS
2012-02-21 Sander Ernessplit query integration tests from sqlalchemy backend... hudson-baltrad-db-365-SUCCESS
2012-02-21 Sander Ernesset up sqlalchemy itest backend at package level hudson-baltrad-db-364-SUCCESS
2012-02-21 Sander ErnesTicket 921: server: split source management from Databa... hudson-baltrad-db-363-SUCCESS
2012-02-21 Sander ErnesTicket 922: server: always access source attributes... hudson-baltrad-db-362-SUCCESS
2012-02-21 Sander ErnesTicket 920: python-client: enable specifying source...
2012-02-20 Sander Ernesjava-client: use BDB source when querying file (in... hudson-baltrad-db-361-SUCCESS
2012-02-20 Sander ErnesTicket 907: server: store /what/source elements in... hudson-baltrad-db-360-UNSTABLE
2012-02-20 Sander ErnesTicket 919: server: index bdb_nodes(path, name) hudson-baltrad-db-359-SUCCESS
2012-02-20 Sander Ernesissue a warning (with reason) when pyhl can not be...
2012-02-13 Sander ErnesTicket 909: server: store path in bdb_nodes hudson-baltrad-db-358-SUCCESS
2012-02-13 Sander Ernesinclude migrate.cfg when installing server hudson-baltrad-db-357-SUCCESS
2012-02-10 Sander Ernesindividually skip tests when no test backend defined hudson-baltrad-db-356-SUCCESS
2012-02-10 Sander ErnesTicket 908: server: rename bdb_attribute_value columns
2012-02-10 Sander Ernesserver: add dependency on sqlalchemy-migrate hudson-baltrad-db-355-SUCCESS
2012-02-10 Sander ErnesTicket 906: server: use sqlalchemy-migrate to manage... hudson-baltrad-db-354-UNSTABLE
2012-02-08 Sander Ernescreate a custom optionparser in bdbcommon hudson-baltrad-db-353-SUCCESS
2012-02-08 Sander Ernesset new excepthook after logging has been configured
2012-02-08 Sander ErnesTicket 376: python-client: add command to print data... hudson-baltrad-db-352-SUCCESS
2012-02-08 Sander ErnesTicket 901: java-client: enable fine-grained matching... hudson-baltrad-db-351-SUCCESS
2012-02-08 Sander ErnesTicket 905: server: properly map plain attributes to... hudson-baltrad-db-350-SUCCESS
2012-02-08 Sander ErnesTicket 903: server: properly store boolean values
2012-02-08 Sander ErnesTicket 904: java-client: update defaultAttributes.xml...
2012-02-07 Sander Ernesserver: fix file size attribute name in sqlalchemy... hudson-baltrad-db-349-SUCCESS
2012-02-07 Sander ErnesTicket 896: server: add interval expression (and handling) hudson-baltrad-db-348-SUCCESS
2012-02-07 Sander ErnesTicket 898: python-common: exclude high value from... hudson-baltrad-db-347-SUCCESS
2012-02-07 Sander ErnesTicket 897: server: enable using special attributes... hudson-baltrad-db-346-SUCCESS
2012-02-07 Sander Ernesadd tests left out of last commit hudson-baltrad-db-345-SUCCESS
2012-02-07 Sander ErnesTicket 894: python-client: enable executing attribute... hudson-baltrad-db-344-SUCCESS
2012-02-06 Sander ErnesTicket 869: server: enable determining supported authen... hudson-baltrad-db-343-SUCCESS
2012-02-04 Sander Ernesremove MetadataFileNamer.setMetadataNamer() hudson-baltrad-db-342-SUCCESS
2012-02-04 Sander Ernesadd accessors to namers (helps with testing in beast) hudson-baltrad-db-341-SUCCESS
2012-02-02 Sander Ernesdeprecate FileNamer interface and derived classes hudson-baltrad-db-340-SUCCESS
2012-02-02 Sander ErnesTicket 884: java-client: add naming FileEntry instances...
2012-02-01 Sander ErnesTicket 845: server: disable access to 'DELETE /file... hudson-baltrad-db-339-SUCCESS
2012-02-01 Sander Ernesjava-client: add initialization from filesystem to... hudson-baltrad-db-338-SUCCESS
2012-01-31 Sander ErnesTicket 867: java-client: CacheDirStorage doesn't honor... hudson-baltrad-db-337-SUCCESS
2012-01-28 Sander ErnesTicket 871: server: don't emit non-standard json hudson-baltrad-db-336-SUCCESS