2020-10-05 Anders HenjaTicket 864: Add configurable RAVEIO version when writin... andersFeatureBranch master jenkins-wrwp-100 jenkins-wrwp-101 jenkins-wrwp-102 jenkins-wrwp-103 jenkins-wrwp-77 jenkins-wrwp-78 jenkins-wrwp-79 jenkins-wrwp-80 jenkins-wrwp-81 jenkins-wrwp-82 jenkins-wrwp-83 jenkins-wrwp-84 jenkins-wrwp-85 jenkins-wrwp-86 jenkins-wrwp-87 jenkins-wrwp-88 jenkins-wrwp-89 jenkins-wrwp-90 jenkins-wrwp-91 jenkins-wrwp-92 jenkins-wrwp-93 jenkins-wrwp-94 jenkins-wrwp-95 jenkins-wrwp-96 jenkins-wrwp-97 jenkins-wrwp-98 jenkins-wrwp-99
2020-02-24 Anders HenjaTicket 827: Update pydocumentation for wrwp jenkins-wrwp-55 jenkins-wrwp-56 jenkins-wrwp-57 jenkins-wrwp-58 jenkins-wrwp-59 jenkins-wrwp-60 jenkins-wrwp-61 jenkins-wrwp-62 jenkins-wrwp-63 jenkins-wrwp-64 jenkins-wrwp-65 jenkins-wrwp-66 jenkins-wrwp-67 jenkins-wrwp-68 jenkins-wrwp-69 jenkins-wrwp-70 jenkins-wrwp-71 jenkins-wrwp-72 jenkins-wrwp-73 jenkins-wrwp-74 jenkins-wrwp-75 jenkins-wrwp-76
2020-02-23 Anders HenjaFixed issue with finding wrwp_configuration jenkins-wrwp-54
2020-02-21 Anders HenjaTicket 823: Add support for maxelevationangle, maxveloc... jenkins-wrwp-53
2020-02-20 Anders HenjaTIcket 822: Add so that wrwp_config.xml is looked for... jenkins-wrwp-52
2020-02-20 ulf.nordhSmall cosmetic change to the plugin related to ticket 816 ulfFeatureBranch2 jenkins-wrwp-51
2020-02-06 Anders HenjaFixed small issue jenkins-wrwp-50
2020-02-03 ulf.nordhTicket 816: Some changes to the vertical profile part... UlfFeatureBranch2 jenkins-wrwp-49
2020-02-03 ulf.nordhMerge branch 'master' of
2020-02-03 Anders HenjaFixed some more py3 issues jenkins-wrwp-48
2020-02-03 Anders HenjaMinor testfix
2020-02-03 ulf.nordhTicket 817: Some parameters added (EMAX, FF_MAX and...
2018-10-18 Anders HenjaReverted some mistakes jenkins-wrwp-43
2018-10-18 Anders HenjaAdded DESTDIR to install
2018-09-08 Anders HenjaUpdated some help texts jenkins-wrwp-41
2018-09-08 Anders HenjaTicket 752: Add support for quantities to wrwp binary jenkins-wrwp-40
2018-04-27 Daniel MichelsonTicket 741: PI dbmFeatureBranch jenkins-wrwp-38
2018-03-31 Anders HenjaFixed tools script jenkins-wrwp-37
2018-03-30 Anders HenjaFixed some py3 stuff jenkins-wrwp-36
2018-03-30 Anders HenjaForgot compat jenkins-wrwp-35
2018-03-30 Anders HenjaTicket 738: Add python3 support
2018-02-23 UlfTicket 729:WRWP ulfFeatureBranch jenkins-wrwp-31
2018-02-20 Anders HenjaTicket 728: Gain & offset not used for products. jenkins-wrwp-30
2018-02-19 Anders HenjaAdded a few newlines jenkins-wrwp-29
2018-02-19 Anders HenjaMerge branch 'master' of
2018-02-19 Anders HenjaUpdated with options and some other things to get a...
2018-02-16 Daniel MichelsonTicket 725: add license statement jenkins-wrwp-28
2018-02-15 Anders HenjaTicket 726: Enable standalone binary jenkins-wrwp-27
2018-02-12 UlfTicket 720: WRWP, adjustement to be able to cope with... jenkins-wrwp-26
2017-11-16 Anders HenjaTicket 703: Add possibility to select what fields that... jenkins-wrwp-25
2017-11-10 UlfTicket 686:WRWP jenkins-wrwp-24
2017-11-10 UlfTicket 686: WRWP
2017-11-10 UlfTicket 686: WRWP
2017-11-10 UlfTicket 686: WRWP
2017-11-10 UlfTicket 686: WRWP
2017-11-09 UlfTicket 686: WRWP
2017-09-26 Anders HenjaTicket 702: ODIM_H5 v.2.2. Converts ODIM v2.1 into... jenkins-wrwp-18
2015-11-17 Anders HenjaRemoved debugstuff jenkins-wrwp-17
2015-11-17 Anders HenjaTicket 504: How attributes should be copied from volume... jenkins-wrwp-16
2014-06-12 Daniel MichelsonTicket 400: remove logger from PGF plugin jenkins-wrwp-15
2014-06-12 Daniel MichelsonTicket 400: remove logger from PGF plugin jenkins-wrwp-14
2013-09-25 Anders HenjaFix jenkins-wrwp-13
2013-09-25 Anders HenjaFix jenkins-wrwp-12
2013-09-25 Anders HenjaFixed install bug jenkins-wrwp-11
2013-09-25 Anders HenjaFixed minor install bug jenkins-wrwp-10
2013-09-19 Anders HenjaAdded metadata and fields jenkins-wrwp-9
2013-09-18 Anders HenjaAdded printout of VP. jenkins-wrwp-8
2013-09-18 Anders HenjaAdded fixture jenkins-wrwp-7
2013-09-18 Anders HenjaRemove printout of VP.
2013-09-18 Anders HenjaCleaned up code
2013-09-18 Anders HenjaRave objectified the wrwp generator and added the first... jenkins-beamb-2
2013-09-18 Anders HenjaTest jenkins jenkins-beamb-1
2013-09-18 Anders HenjaRemoved usage of NAN
2013-09-17 Anders HenjaFixed minor config bug
2013-09-17 Anders HenjaInitial release