2018-05-30 Anders HenjaUpdated dependencies andersFeatureBranch master jenkins-bbufr-13
2018-05-30 Anders HenjaSmall bbufr fixes to get tables jenkins-bbufr-12
2018-05-30 Anders HenjaFixed with autoreconf to work with older variants jenkins-bbufr-11
2018-05-30 Anders HenjaFixed bad checkin
2018-05-30 Anders HenjaTicket 745: Create packaging support for RPM and DEB
2015-09-24 Anders HenjaTicket 468: Remove debug printouts jenkins-bbufr-8
2015-02-16 Anders HenjaUpdated automake to hopefully work on more platforms jenkins-bbufr-7
2015-02-09 Anders HenjaTicket 399: Support ODIM 2.2 jenkins-bbufr-6
2011-12-02 Anders HenjaTicket 696: make install should also install descriptor... hudson-bbufr-5-SUCCESS
2011-11-29 Anders HenjaTicket 694: Remove warnings about not valid prototype... hudson-bbufr-4-SUCCESS
2011-11-29 Anders HenjaTicket 693: Add compiler option for allowing shared... hudson-bbufr-3-SUCCESS
2011-11-28 Anders Henjatesting hudson hudson-bbufr-1-SUCCESS hudson-bbufr-2-SUCCESS
2011-11-28 Anders Henjatesting hudson
2011-11-28 Anders HenjaInitial commit