2018-02-15 Daniel MichelsonTicket 723: add license statement dbmFeatureBranch jenkins-beamb-60
2017-01-19 Anders HenjaTicket 678: Add functionality for choosing to only... jenkins-beamb-59
2017-01-12 Mats VernerssonTicket 672: rave-overshooting crash issue matsv_beamb_featurebranch jenkins-beamb-58
2015-12-04 Daniel MichelsonTicket 515: add North American tiles dBmFeatureBranch jenkins-beamb-57
2014-12-19 Anders HenjaTicket 411: Quality plugin for processing chains jenkins-beamb-56
2014-11-16 Anders HenjaTicket 425: Add possibility for quality plugins to... jenkins-beamb-55
2014-04-09 Daniel MichelsonTicket 333: add default restore to quality plugin jenkins-beamb-54
2014-03-05 Daniel MichelsonTicket 329: Revert quality field, Ticket 333: add defau... jenkins-beamb-53
2012-12-03 Lars.NorinTicket 186: add two-way correction larsFeatureBranch jenkins-beamb-52
2012-11-29 Daniel MichelsonTicket 209: add E140S10 tile config jenkins-beamb-51
2012-08-30 BALTRADTicket 150: write a command-line binary jenkins-beamb-50
2012-02-06 BALTRADTicket 879: add default radar height hudson-beamb-49-SUCCESS
2012-01-31 BALTRADTicket 877: add concatenate in Y dimension, Ticket... hudson-beamb-48-SUCCESS
2012-01-22 BALTRADUpdated INSTALL and beamb.dox hudson-beamb-47-SUCCESS
2012-01-09 Anders HenjaTicket 771: import _beamblockage results in undefined... hudson-beamb-37-SUCCESS hudson-beamb-38-SUCCESS hudson-beamb-39-SUCCESS hudson-beamb-40-SUCCESS hudson-beamb-41-SUCCESS hudson-beamb-42-SUCCESS hudson-beamb-43-SUCCESS hudson-beamb-44-SUCCESS hudson-beamb-45-SUCCESS hudson-beamb-46-SUCCESS
2012-01-05 BALTRADTicket 749: rounding issue hudson-beamb-30-SUCCESS hudson-beamb-31-SUCCESS hudson-beamb-32-SUCCESS hudson-beamb-33-SUCCESS hudson-beamb-34-SUCCESS hudson-beamb-35-SUCCESS hudson-beamb-36-SUCCESS
2012-01-04 BALTRADTicket 744: restore doesn't set NODATA where UNDETECT hudson-beamb-29-SUCCESS
2012-01-04 Anders HenjaTicket 742: Remove old prototype code. hudson-beamb-28-SUCCESS
2012-01-04 Anders HenjaTicket 741: Add restore functionality to the beam block... hudson-beamb-27-SUCCESS
2012-01-04 BALTRADTicket 738: scaling problem? hudson-beamb-26-SUCCESS
2012-01-03 Anders HenjaTicket 735: Add beamb as a rave quality plugin hudson-beamb-23-SUCCESS hudson-beamb-24-SUCCESS hudson-beamb-25-SUCCESS
2012-01-03 Anders HenjaTicket 735: Add beamb as a rave quality plugin hudson-beamb-22-SUCCESS
2012-01-03 Anders HenjaFixed bug in test case hudson-beamb-21-SUCCESS
2012-01-03 Anders HenjaTicket 734: Default gtopo30 not set in objects hudson-beamb-20-FAILURE
2012-01-03 Anders HenjaTicket 733: Memory leak in beamblockage.c @381 hudson-beamb-19-SUCCESS
2012-01-02 Anders HenjaAdded documentation hudson-beamb-18-SUCCESS
2012-01-02 Anders HenjaBeam blockage with caching, etc hudson-beamb-17-SUCCESS
2011-12-21 Anders HenjaMerge branch 'master' of hudson-beamb-14-SUCCESS hudson-beamb-15-SUCCESS hudson-beamb-16-SUCCESS
2011-12-21 Anders HenjaStarted with caching support
2011-12-12 Anders HenjaFixed installation scripts hudson-beamb-10-SUCCESS hudson-beamb-11-SUCCESS hudson-beamb-12-SUCCESS hudson-beamb-13-SUCCESS hudson-beamb-9-SUCCESS
2011-11-23 Anders HenjaFirst draft of beam blockage hudson-beamb-4-SUCCESS hudson-beamb-5-SUCCESS hudson-beamb-6-SUCCESS hudson-beamb-7-SUCCESS hudson-beamb-8-SUCCESS
2011-11-23 Anders HenjaYet another intermediate release hudson-beamb-3-SUCCESS
2011-11-17 Anders HenjaStarted with lon/lat calculations hudson-beamb-2-SUCCESS
2011-11-17 Anders HenjaInfrastructure for beam blocking in place hudson-beamb-1-SUCCESS
2011-11-16 Anders HenjaMore fixes
2011-11-16 Anders HenjaAdded topography class
2011-11-15 Anders HenjaMore corrections
2011-11-15 Anders HenjaAdded py-api and tests for topo map reading
2011-11-15 Anders HenjaStructuring and added test code
2011-11-14 Anders HenjaMore adaptions
2011-11-11 Anders HenjaIntermediate
2011-11-10 Anders HenjaInitial commit