Ticket 330: Add gain and offset to quality indicators
[bropo.git] / ropo / rave_ropo_generator.c
2014-03-07 Daniel MichelsonTicket 330: Add gain and offset to quality indicators jenkins-bRopo-39
2011-09-22 BALTRADTidied up for prom night hudson-bRopo-27-SUCCESS
2011-09-05 BALTRADAdded restore2 hudson-bRopo-16-SUCCESS
2011-09-05 Anders HenjaTicket 547: Use gain for rel dbz to byte values hudson-bRopo-14-SUCCESS
2011-09-05 Anders HenjaTicket 546: Clean up probability field creation in... hudson-bRopo-13-SUCCESS
2011-09-05 Anders HenjaTicket 545: Probability fields are not cleared prior... hudson-bRopo-12-SUCCESS
2011-09-05 Anders HenjaTicket 544: Classification not updated after classify... hudson-bRopo-11-SUCCESS
2011-09-04 Anders HenjaAdded threshold hudson-bRopo-10-SUCCESS
2011-09-04 Anders HenjaAdded a number of detectors and updated documentation hudson-bRopo-9-SUCCESS
2011-09-04 Anders HenjaAdded getProbabilityField, getProbabilityFieldCount... hudson-bRopo-8-SUCCESS
2011-09-04 Anders HenjaAdded restoreSelf hudson-bRopo-6-SUCCESS
2011-09-04 Anders HenjaAdded offset/gain conversion of input values to the... hudson-bRopo-5-SUCCESS
2011-09-03 Anders HenjaAdded specknormold and emitter2 hudson-bRopo-4-SUCCESS
2011-09-02 Anders HenjaInitial version