2 days ago Anders HenjaTicket 789: Erroneous usage of gain/offset when process... andersFeatureBranch master jenkins-bRopo-68
3 days ago Anders HenjaTicket 790: Need to fix shebang on ropo script jenkins-bRopo-67
3 days ago Anders HenjaTicket 789: Erroneous usage of gain/offset when process... jenkins-bRopo-66
4 days ago Anders HenjaDisabled 2 test cases that compares result between... jenkins-bRopo-65
4 days ago Anders HenjaModified bropo test case slightly
4 days ago Anders HenjaTicket 787: Handle format-security compile error
2019-07-05 Anders HenjaTicket 782: Changed so that classification is returned... jenkins-bRopo-62
2019-07-04 Anders HenjaRemoved 8&16-bit blocking jenkins-bRopo-61
2019-07-04 Anders HenjaModified tests somewhat jenkins-bRopo-59
2019-07-04 Anders HenjaTicket 782: Handle 16bit data in bropo
2018-05-31 Anders HenjaFixing some install stuff jenkins-bRopo-56
2018-05-31 Anders HenjaMinor fix jenkins-bRopo-55
2018-05-31 Anders HenjaTicket 746: Create packaging support for RPM and DEB... jenkins-bRopo-54
2018-03-31 Anders HenjaUpdated test_ci script jenkins-bRopo-53
2018-03-31 Anders HenjaUpdated test_ci script jenkins-bRopo-52
2018-03-31 Anders HenjaUpdated test_ci script
2018-03-30 Anders HenjaTicket 735: Add python3 support jenkins-bRopo-49 jenkins-bRopo-50
2018-02-15 Daniel MichelsonTicket 724: add license statement dbmFeatureBranch jenkins-bRopo-47
2017-02-21 Mats VernerssonTicket 684: "Analyze only" with bropo creates invalid... mats_featurebranch jenkins-bRopo-46
2017-01-19 Anders HenjaTicket 677: Add functionality for choosing to only... jenkins-bRopo-45
2017-01-19 Anders HenjaTicket 677: Add functionality for choosing to only... jenkins-bRopo-44
2016-01-21 Daniel MichelsonTicket 544: Ignore failed bropo.pth installation dBmFeatureBranch jenkins-bRopo-43
2014-12-19 Anders HenjaTicket 411: Quality plugin for processing chains jenkins-bRopo-42
2014-11-16 Anders HenjaFixed test dependency bug jenkins-bRopo-41
2014-11-16 Anders HenjaTicket 424: Add possibility for quality plugins to...
2014-03-07 Daniel MichelsonTicket 330: Add gain and offset to quality indicators jenkins-bRopo-39
2012-08-21 BALTRADTicket 13: Wrap-around issues at 360-0°, Ticket 132... jenkins-bRopo-38
2012-01-09 Anders HenjaTicket 772: import _ropogenerator results in undefined... hudson-bRopo-37-SUCCESS
2011-12-13 Anders HenjaTicket 701: Update plugin to support new rave quality... hudson-bRopo-36-SUCCESS
2011-11-07 Anders HenjaTicket 682: Remove bropo dependencies from rave hudson-bRopo-35-SUCCESS
2011-10-27 Anders HenjaTicket 672: ropo_runtime.generate should take scans... hudson-bRopo-33-FAILURE hudson-bRopo-34-SUCCESS
2011-10-19 Anders HenjaTicket 650: data zeroed out in quality field for some... hudson-bRopo-32-SUCCESS
2011-09-27 BALTRADAdded exit code to bin/ropo and corrected /what/source... hudson-bRopo-31-SUCCESS
2011-09-26 BALTRADUpdated options/arguments registry and removed a couple... hudson-bRopo-30-SUCCESS
2011-09-25 BALTRADAdded options/arguments registry hudson-bRopo-29-SUCCESS
2011-09-25 BALTRADUpdated documentation and tidied up some more hudson-bRopo-28-SUCCESS
2011-09-22 BALTRADTidied up for prom night hudson-bRopo-27-SUCCESS
2011-09-20 Anders HenjaCleaned up some code and added more initialization... hudson-bRopo-26-SUCCESS
2011-09-20 Anders HenjaTicket 583: image_restore2 must initialize the FmiImage... hudson-bRopo-25-SUCCESS
2011-09-20 Anders HenjaRemoved assertion in initialize_image hudson-bRopo-24-SUCCESS
2011-09-20 Anders HenjaTicket 576: bropo leaks memory hudson-bRopo-22-ABORTED hudson-bRopo-23-SUCCESS
2011-09-19 Anders HenjaTicket 577: configure can not handle if rave has been... hudson-bRopo-21-SUCCESS
2011-09-14 BALTRADTicket 557: speckNormOld: bad scaling? hudson-bRopo-20-SUCCESS
2011-09-11 BALTRADTicket 550: emitter2 leaks memory hudson-bRopo-19-SUCCESS
2011-09-08 BALTRADTicket 550: emitter2 leaks memory hudson-bRopo-18-SUCCESS
2011-09-08 BALTRADFixed memory leak in ropo/fmi_image_restore.c, wrote... hudson-bRopo-17-SUCCESS
2011-09-05 BALTRADAdded restore2 hudson-bRopo-16-SUCCESS
2011-09-05 Anders HenjaTicket 548: Fix some compability issues for building hudson-bRopo-15-SUCCESS
2011-09-05 Anders HenjaTicket 547: Use gain for rel dbz to byte values hudson-bRopo-14-SUCCESS
2011-09-05 Anders HenjaTicket 546: Clean up probability field creation in... hudson-bRopo-13-SUCCESS
2011-09-05 Anders HenjaTicket 545: Probability fields are not cleared prior... hudson-bRopo-12-SUCCESS
2011-09-05 Anders HenjaTicket 544: Classification not updated after classify... hudson-bRopo-11-SUCCESS
2011-09-04 Anders HenjaAdded threshold hudson-bRopo-10-SUCCESS
2011-09-04 Anders HenjaAdded a number of detectors and updated documentation hudson-bRopo-9-SUCCESS
2011-09-04 Anders HenjaAdded getProbabilityField, getProbabilityFieldCount... hudson-bRopo-8-SUCCESS
2011-09-04 Anders HenjaAdded possibility to work with attributes in fmi images hudson-bRopo-7-SUCCESS
2011-09-04 Anders HenjaAdded restoreSelf hudson-bRopo-6-SUCCESS
2011-09-04 Anders HenjaAdded offset/gain conversion of input values to the... hudson-bRopo-5-SUCCESS
2011-09-03 Anders HenjaAdded specknormold and emitter2 hudson-bRopo-4-SUCCESS
2011-09-03 Anders HenjaRefactored getClassification to be a variable called... hudson-bRopo-3-SUCCESS
2011-09-02 Anders HenjaUpdated INSTALL instructions hudson-bRopo-2-SUCCESS
2011-09-02 Anders HenjaSmall change to test hudson hudson-bRopo-1-SUCCESS
2011-09-02 Anders HenjaInitial version