2019-01-31 Anders HenjaTicket 768: Add possibility to choose python3 binary... master
2018-12-18 Mats VernerssonExisting LD_LIBRARY_PATH is kept when running test... mats_feature_branch v0.8.9
2018-12-18 Mats VernerssonCommit to re-trigger jenkins tests for previous Python...
2018-12-18 Mats VernerssonAdjustments for Python 3 compatibility.
2018-05-29 Anders HenjaFixed rpm paths
2018-05-29 Anders HenjaFixed some directory problems during installation
2018-05-28 Anders HenjaAll packages for debian
2018-05-28 Anders HenjaFixed debian installation
2018-05-28 Anders HenjaTicket 743: Create packaging support for RPM and DEB
2018-05-28 Anders HenjaTicket 743: Create packaging support for RPM and DEB
2018-05-28 Anders HenjaSome minor fixes related to packaging
2018-05-28 Anders HenjaUpdated build_packaging
2018-05-28 Anders HenjaUpdated build_packaging
2018-05-28 Anders HenjaUpdated build_package script
2018-05-22 Anders HenjaAdded packaging scripts for Debian and CentOS builds andersFeatureBranch
2018-03-30 Anders HenjaTicket 736: Tests does not use python libraries for... v0.8.8
2017-11-28 Anders HenjaTicket 706: HLHDF fails to read variable strings after... v0.8.7
2017-11-21 Anders HenjaTicket 704: Allow hlhdf to be built against hdf5 where... v0.8.6
2017-03-01 Anders HenjaTicket 688: Enable python 3 support, fixed a bad memory... v0.8.5
2017-02-26 Anders HenjaTicket 688: Enable python 3 support
2016-05-30 Anders HenjaTicket 603: Add possibility to read variable length... v0.8.4
2015-11-05 Anders HenjaTicket 347: Handle too short STRSIZE v0.8.3
2015-10-05 Anders HenjaTicket 473: When writing file, some times it doesn... v0.8.2
2012-03-16 Anders HenjaTicket 917: Make configuration script not enforcing... v0.8.1
2011-12-14 BALTRADTicket 707: Add support for uint and ulong in translate... v0.8.0
2011-09-13 BALTRADUpdated INSTALL file
2011-06-21 BALTRADTicket 504: Support creation of unsigned short, int...
2010-05-14 Anders HenjaTicket 45: info about which version of HDF5
2010-04-20 Anders HenjaTicket 23: It is not possible to build without python...
2010-03-11 Anders Henjahdf5 is linked into the HLHDF lib, but still as a share...
2010-02-17 Anders HenjaCorrected Ticket: 9, bad makefile rules v0.7.9
2010-01-13 Anders HenjaMinor correction, missing include stdlib.h in hlhdf_debug.c
2010-01-13 Anders HenjaChanged to not use c++ reserved keyword typeid
2010-01-12 Anders HenjaCorrected memory leak when using H5Eget_minor
2009-12-20 AndersCorrected so that test_hlhdf.sh uses python for finding...
2009-12-15 AndersChanged debug level for pyhl to 0 since we do not want...
2009-11-19 AndersAdded HLNodeList_hasNodeByName and also corrected bug...
2009-11-17 AndersChanged so that hdf5 error reporting stays disabled...
2009-11-10 AndersTesting ci push
2009-10-12 Anders HenjaMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-10-12 Anders HenjaCorrected bug in file creation property sizes
2009-10-12 Anders HenjaMerge /opt/localgit/HLHDF
2009-10-12 Anders HenjaAdded xml output for unittests
2009-10-09 Anders HenjaTest the git trigger
2009-10-09 Anders HenjaAdded script to enable nightly builds
2009-10-08 Anders HenjaUpdated configuration to use distutils if available v0.7.8.patch2
2009-09-24 Anders HenjaCorrected so that when reading SPACEPADDED and NULLPADD... v0.7.8.patch1
2009-09-14 Anders HenjaCorrected so that default value is used when asking... v0.7.8
2009-09-14 Anders HenjaCorrected commit of named datatypes so that the HID...
2009-09-14 Anders HenjaUpdated the c-examples to follow new naming conventions...
2009-09-14 Anders HenjaChanged so that bin/hldec,hlenc and hllist are linked...
2009-09-14 Anders HenjaCorrected run_python_script.sh to handle when HDF5...
2009-09-14 Anders HenjaCorrected bug in config-testscript
2009-09-14 Anders HenjaCorrected installation behaviour so that it not is...
2009-08-20 Anders HenjaCorrected error in create_release script v0.7.7
2009-08-20 Anders HenjaCorrected typo error
2009-08-20 Anders HenjaCorrected translatePyFormatToHlHdf to handle revised...
2009-08-20 Anders HenjaUpdated the release and test scripts
2009-08-20 Anders HenjaAdded automatic release generation
2009-08-18 Anders HenjaAdded LGPL license, changed make check into make test...
2009-08-12 Anders HenjaChanged so that the root node not is added to the nodel... v0.7.6.patch3
2009-08-04 Anders HenjaChanged to use CCSHARED in relevant object files v0.7.6.patch2
2009-07-08 Anders HenjaCorrected white space bug in bin/Makefile
2009-07-08 Anders HenjaAdded test case for verifying the four datatypes int...
2009-07-01 Anders HenjaBug when directories contains spaces, preliminary versi... v0.7.6.patch1
2009-06-30 Anders HenjaAdded release script v0.7.6
2009-06-29 Anders HenjaChanged naming convention v0.7.3 v0.7.4 v0.7.5
2009-06-29 Anders HenjaAdded memory debugging
2009-06-25 Anders HenjaHidden the HL_Node struct. v0.7.2
2009-06-23 Anders HenjaSome minor cleanup
2009-06-23 Anders HenjaAdded generation of libhlhdf.so and changed so that...
2009-06-23 Anders HenjaHL_NodeList struct members have been hidden.
2009-06-23 Anders HenjaRestructured the code for extracting parent and child.
2009-06-22 Anders HenjaRemoved parts of the deprecated HDF5 iterators and... v0.7.1
2009-06-21 Anders HenjaAdded update tests and cleaned up debug messages v0.7
2009-06-21 Anders HenjaAdded update tests and cleaned up debug messages
2009-06-21 Anders HenjaInitial release to git.