2019-08-15 Anders HenjaTicket 788: def.mk.in LDFLAGS does not use correct... andersFeatureBranch master jenkins-RavePy3-70
2019-08-14 Anders HenjaTicket 786: Update python files for python3 jenkins-RavePy3-69
2019-08-14 Anders HenjaFix error in install part of bin/Makefile jenkins-RavePy3-68
2019-08-14 Anders HenjaTicket 784: area_registry error jenkins-RavePy3-67
2019-06-25 Anders HenjaTicket 781: scansun memory pointer problem jenkins-RavePy3-66
2019-06-18 Anders HenjaTicket 780: scansun_main does not use full compiler... jenkins-RavePy3-65
2019-05-24 Anders HenjaTicket 778: Add melting_layer to rave database handling jenkins-RavePy3-64
2019-05-07 Mats VernerssonTicket 777: Modernized swedish radars should be added... mats_feature_branch jenkins-RavePy3-63
2019-05-06 Anders HenjaTicket 776: autogenerated proj names does not work... jenkins-RavePy3-62
2019-05-06 Anders HenjaTicket 776: pcsname jenkins-RavePy3-61
2019-04-24 Anders HenjaSome optimization in data2d calculations jenkins-RavePy3-60
2019-04-18 Anders HenjaFixed bug in eoperation that didn't ensure that resulti... jenkins-RavePy3-59
2019-04-16 Anders HenjaTicket 775: QiTotal mimimum with one field produces... jenkins-RavePy3-58
2019-04-08 Anders HenjaTicket 773: Corrected float/int handling for nodata jenkins-RavePy3-57
2019-04-08 Anders HenjaTicket 773: Add possibility to perform various matrix... jenkins-RavePy3-56
2019-04-05 Mats VernerssonTicket 769: Antenna gain and rxloss not correctly read... jenkins-RavePy3-55
2019-02-07 Mats VernerssonSome additional minor Python 3 adjustements in composit... matsv_rave_featurebranch jenkins-RavePy3-54
2019-02-04 Anders HenjaModified how site-packages/dist-packages is determined jenkins-RavePy3-53
2019-02-01 Anders HenjaFixed some build stuff in configure jenkins-RavePy3-52
2019-02-01 Anders HenjaFixed some build stuff in configure jenkins-RavePy3-51
2019-02-01 Anders HenjaFixed some build stuff in configure jenkins-RavePy3-50
2019-01-31 Anders HenjaUpdated with possibility to select python3 binary jenkins-RavePy3-49
2019-01-28 Mats VernerssonAdditional Python 3 adjustment to ensure that jobdone... jenkins-RavePy3-48
2019-01-17 Mats VernerssonRemoving test result files, which weere accidentally... jenkins-RavePy3-47
2019-01-17 Mats VernerssonAdditional python 3 adaptation of area_registry. jenkins-RavePy3-46
2019-01-16 Mats VernerssonAdapting rave_IO.py and H5radHelper.py to Python 3. jenkins-RavePy3-45
2018-12-19 Mats VernerssonMerge of all updates in rave original repo. mats_branch rave_repo-merge jenkins-RavePy3-44
2018-12-18 Mats VernerssonComplementary updates of rave_pgf_logger, to use the... mats_featurebranch jenkins-RavePy3-42
2018-12-18 Mats VernerssonAdding log format definitions in rave_defines.py. These... jenkins-RavePy3-41
2018-12-17 Mats VernerssonAdditional adjustements for Python 3. jenkins-RavePy3-40
2018-12-10 ulf.nordhTicket 764:Part2 - Added functionality for an alternati...
2018-12-10 ulf.nordhTicket 764:Added support for an alternative output...
2018-11-29 Anders HenjaFixed raved script
2018-10-19 Anders HenjaRemoved erroneous return statement
2018-10-19 Daniel MichelsonTicket 731: Remove NR code in scansun
2018-10-07 Anders HenjaMerge branch 'master' of git.baltrad.eu:rave
2018-10-07 Anders HenjaFixed raved
2018-09-25 Mats VernerssonTicket 754: Tiled compositing fails
2018-09-19 Anders HenjaAdded raved script
2018-07-06 Mats VernerssonTicket 751: Dealias improvements
2018-07-06 Mats VernerssonTicket 750: Support for additional interpolation method...
2018-06-19 Mats VernerssonTicket 747: Configurable log format for Rave
2018-05-30 Anders HenjaUpdated deb&rpm with dependencies to bbufr
2018-05-29 Anders HenjaUpdated where to find hlhdf
2018-05-29 Anders HenjaBad rpm version
2018-05-28 Anders HenjaAdded auto-install of built packages
2018-05-28 Anders HenjaTicket 744: Create packaging support for RPM and DEB
2018-05-28 Anders HenjaTicket 744: Create packaging support for RPM and DEB
2018-05-18 Hudson CIMerge commit '9e2bc2072de1f52adcee3956c9ca35b3c6179b94...
2018-05-18 UlfTicket742:Changed string for Conventions from ODIM_H5...
2018-04-02 Anders HenjaUpdated to work with newer versions of Numpy
2018-04-01 Anders HenjaFixed shebang on scripts to handle both python and... jenkins-RavePy3-39
2018-04-01 Anders HenjaCorrected problems with jobqueue dumping and loading jenkins-RavePy3-38
2018-04-01 Anders HenjaFixed rave_pgf stop jenkins-RavePy3-37
2018-03-31 Anders HenjaSome more rave_daemon fixes jenkins-RavePy3-36
2018-03-31 Anders HenjaFixed some py3 stuff in rave_daemon jenkins-RavePy3-35
2018-03-31 Anders HenjaFixed run_python_script jenkins-RavePy3-34
2018-03-31 Anders HenjaUpdated configure script to handle python-config jenkins-RavePy3-33
2018-03-31 Anders HenjaUpdated configure script to handle python-config
2018-03-30 Anders HenjaFixed some unicode things for source jenkins-RavePy3-31
2018-03-30 Anders HenjaFixed some merge problems from original rave jenkins-RavePy3-30
2018-03-30 Anders HenjaMerged from rave original
2018-03-30 Anders HenjaMinor update of some debug printouts
2018-03-30 Anders HenjaUpdated rave_bdb.get_file to use binary file descriptor jenkins-RavePy3-29
2018-03-30 Anders HenjaUpdated rave_pgf_registry to be able to register algorithms jenkins-RavePy3-28
2018-03-29 Anders HenjaRemoved some printouts jenkins-RavePy3-27
2018-03-29 Anders HenjaCompositing works as part of PGF process jenkins-RavePy3-26
2018-03-10 Anders HenjaStarted to get rave_pgf to work jenkins-RavePy3-25
2018-03-07 Anders HenjaTicket 732: Add compression to CF Convention export
2018-02-19 Mats VernerssonTicket 727: Volume with unsorted elangles gives faulty...
2018-02-13 UlfTicket 721: scansun. Slight change in RaveScansun.c...
2018-02-13 UlfTicket 721: scansun. Modified the new testcase, removin...
2018-02-12 UlfTicket 721: scansun. Changed from localtime, localtime_...
2018-02-09 Daniel MichelsonTicket 656: height quality plugin
2018-01-25 Anders HenjaAdded PGF plugin for exporting files in CF-convention
2017-12-20 Anders HenjaMerge branch 'master' of git.baltrad.eu:rave
2017-12-20 Anders HenjaTicket 712: Add possibility to write cartesian products...
2017-12-18 Daniel MichelsonTicket 711: scansun readout times and refraction
2017-11-14 Anders HenjaAdded rave_datetime comparision function
2017-11-09 UlfTicket 686: WRWP
2017-11-09 UlfTicket 686: WRWP
2017-10-24 Anders HenjaMigrated a bunch of test files to python3 jenkins-RavePy3-24
2017-10-19 Anders HenjaFixed some py3-py2 varitions in OdimSource handling jenkins-RavePy3-23
2017-10-18 Anders HenjaMigrated some odim source tests jenkins-RavePy3-22
2017-09-26 Anders HenjaTicket 702: ODIM_H5 v.2.2. Converts ODIM v2.1 into...
2017-06-05 Anders HenjaMigrated rave_dom_db jenkins-RavePy3-21
2017-06-05 Anders HenjaMigrated fm12 and wmo flatfile jenkins-RavePy3-20
2017-06-05 Anders HenjaFixed problem with python 2.7 jenkins-RavePy3-19
2017-05-31 Anders HenjaMigrated rave_pgf_quality_registry_mgr jenkins-RavePy3-18
2017-05-26 Mats VernerssonTicket 699: Add possibility to control 'reprocess_quali...
2017-05-26 Mats VernerssonTicket 699: Add possibility to control 'reprocess_quali...
2017-05-18 Mats VernerssonTicket 698: Truncation of data values could be replaced...
2017-05-16 Mats VernerssonTicket 697: Conversion from one set of gain+offset...
2017-05-10 Anders HenjaMigrated BaltradFrame,rave_quality_chain_registry,rave_... jenkins-RavePy3-17
2017-04-21 Daniel MichelsonMerge branch 'master' of git.baltrad.eu:rave
2017-04-21 Daniel MichelsonTicket 693: detection range: enable processing of TH
2017-03-29 Anders HenjaMigrated some python files to support python 3 jenkins-RavePy3-16
2017-03-28 Anders HenjaMerged bitmapgenerator,cartesiancomposite,ctfilter... jenkins-RavePy3-15
2017-03-27 Anders HenjaMigrated dealias and radvol jenkins-RavePy3-14
2017-03-27 Anders HenjaMerged composite,ctoc,h5rad,ptop and pyacrr jenkins-RavePy3-13