Frequently Asked Questions and User Guide
User Guide
May 2019

Welcome to the BALTRAD User Guide. This documentation is designed to assist you with the most common tasks you undertake with BALTRAD software. We treat the so-called BALTRAD node as a unit, although we already know that it consists of several subsystems. The overall objective is to install, configure, and operate this node for the purposes of exchanging weather radar data with other nodes, and processing all data locally with yours. We assume you have already been introduced to our software by reading the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions, and that you are ready for more detail.

Please keep in mind that the information presented here will remain at a relatively general level, and that you will refer to each subsystem's documentation package for the highest level of detail, e.g. application programming interfaces (APIs). These documentation packages are built automatically when you download and install the node. What those documentation packages don't provide, but that we intend to, is to give some necessary overall context.



Getting post-installation help

RPM Configuration


Security in BALTRAD

Exchanging data

Processing data




How to get your tools into the BALTRAD toolbox

Navigation in RAVE